About Nando

Nando Ristorante is a true labor of love, passion, and family legacy which, I and my family are beyond proud to bring to life. For as long as I can remember 393 Hanover Street has not only been a storefront but home, work, and a gathering place for myself and so many others in the North End. The corner of Hanover and Clark Streets has been the corner my brother and I played on as children, the corner where my Nonna Palmira and mother Ele used to sit out front with their friends, and it is where my family's workplace was home. It was the location of The Green Cross Pharmacy for over 50 years owned and operated by my Father Fernando "Freddy" Giangregorio and Uncle Giuseppe "Peppi" Giangregorio until March of 2019 when they retired. Therefore, for me it was a no brainer to establish a new business in the same location where my family had established one so many years ago.

Nando Ristorante came to be as an idea, vision, and dream my husband Salvatore Firicano and I share. Sal has been a Chef for over 40 years. Born and raised in Palermo Italy he came here at 18 and has been part of the Bostonian culinary world creating bold and innovative dishes working as Executive Chef in some of the best restaurants in Boston and Sicily. We decided that with his love and passion of Italian Cuisine and my desire to start a business in my family's storefront location we would build and create a restaurant featuring the flavors and soulful tastes of the Italy and Sicily we love, and what better name for such a place than that of our son Nando.

Our concept is simple, Modern Italian with a Classic Elegant Vibe. A place which will represent and bring to the neighborhood "Un Pezzo di Nostro Cuore" a piece of our heart which we hope that every patron who comes through our door will taste with their palate, and love with their heart. A place where people will feel like family just as they did when they walked through the doors of The Green Cross Pharmacy. Where Old World meets New… A place where Our Famiglia will become Yours!

**P.S: We opened our doors on April 8, 2021. We have been truly blessed and humbled by the outpouring of community support and love shown to our family. We opened during an uncertain time in our world, but have been encouraged, supported, and uplifted by what is possible even in the most uncertain of times. We thank our family first and foremost, friends old and new, staff, and all that have come through our doors and supported us on this new adventure… Sal, Nando, and I along with our family say "Grazie Mille" We look forward to seeing you at Nando!
Mira Giangregorio Firicano